Brewing Guides

Here our carefully compiled brew guides provide simple step by step how-to's on making the best coffee possible using some of our favourite brewing methods.

General Advice

First and foremost we advise whatever your brewing method, you use good quality mineral water, and we advise you to use 1 tablespoon of coffee for 1 cup of coffee.


Chemex Guide

What you will need:

  • Chemex
  • Chemex filter paper
  • 500g hot water (ideally 90 degrees, just under boiling)
  • 30g ground coffee (coarse grind)
  • Weighing scales
  • A timer

1.) Place your Chemex filter paper in your Chemex with the double fold facing the spout of the Chemex.  

*TIP* Dampen the filter paper with hot water to remove any papery taste that might interfere with the taste of the coffee, then empty the Chemex. Then place your Chemex on your weighing scale and set it to 0g before weighing out your coffee. *TIP* Don't compact the coffee and try to keep it levelled out


2.) Start the timer and gently pour 75g of your just-boiled water into the filter in a circular motion, after 30 seconds continue to pour the rest of the water until the 500g weight has been met and stir gently until all the coffee has dripped from the filter into the Chemex. After 4 minutes the coffee should be ready for drinking.


Cafetiere/French Press

What you will need:

  • French Press
  • Weighing Scales
  • Timer

1.) Preheat your French Press with boiling water and dispose of the water.


2.) Place your French Press on your scales and weigh out your desired weight of ground coffee, then after boiling your water let the water cool off for a minute or two until it is just below boiling point (around 90-95 degrees.)


3.) Set your weighing scales to 0g and pour your hot water into the French Press, double-check to make sure all of your coffee is covered then start your timer.

*TIP* 1ml of water = 1g of water this way you can measure the amount of water you're using, we recommend 500ml of water per cup of coffee.

Once the coffee has mixed with the water allow for 3/4 minutes to go by before stirring breaking the skin/crust on the surface and then leave to settle for a further 5 minutes allowing the coffee to settle.


4.) Lastly, pace your lid back on your French Press and gently plunge, there will be resistance, once that has been done your coffee is ready for serving, enjoy!


Stove Top

What you will need:

1.) Firstly, remove the filter basket before pouring your water which should be just below boiling into the bottom chamber of your Moka Pot until it reaches just below the valve. Place 25g of your desired coffee into the filter basket. Tap the base to settle the coffee and add whatever remaining coffee.


2.) Screw on the top chamber whilst using a cloth to hold the bottom. Place the Moka Pot on your hob and set the heat to a medium. Then watch the coffee brew until it begins to go a sort of pale colour. 

*TIP* Run the base of the Moka Pot under some cold water to avoid any over-extraction.



What you will need:

  • Espresso Machine
  • Tamper
  • Timer


1.) Weigh out 18.5g of your desired coffee into your portafilter and compress the coffee to get the best flavour, (we call this tamping) we advise you do this by using a tamper. Push down on your tamper and apply a firm and even level of pressure.


2.) Lock the portafilter handle in place, then place your cup directly underneath your locked-in portafilter before extracting your coffee directly into your cup and enjoy!


Cold Brew

What you will need:

1.) Add 100g of coffee grounds to your large container/French Press, then add 500g/500ml of cold mineral water. Then stir to ensure that all the coffee is submerged, once this is done leave it in your fridge for 12 hours overnight.


2.) The next step would be to put your cold brew through a filter or your French Press. The end result would be your cold brew concentrate which can be diluted by ice-cold mineral water. You can experiment and figure out which ratio works best for you according to your desired taste.