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Brazil Fazenda Palmital Coffee

Brazil Fazenda Palmital Coffee

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Brazil Fazenda Palmital Coffee

The Brazil Fazenda Palmital coffee.  This Brazilian coffee has flavours of caramel, cocoa, nuts & plum with an SCA score of 83.

Grown in the mountains of the Serra So Pau S'Alho in the district of Cabo Verde, Southern Minas Gerais.  Joaquim Sebastião de Souza purchased this land back in 1922 & it has stayed in the family until now.

The farm was then passed on to Augusto de Melo Souza in the 1950s for him to manage.  Later in the 1970s Augusto's wife & son began helping out with the managing of the farm too.  The family's dedication to the plantation has led to an annual production of 6500 bags of 60kg of coffee.

The geographics & altitude of the land mean the high-quality coffee beans are hand-picked.  After picking the coffee beans they're then dried until they have 25% moisture content.  Then they're transported to mechanical driers & brought down to 11% moisture content.

Thanks to modern technology the mechanical driers are connected to an app.  This gives the family more control over drying the coffee producing high-quality coffee beans.  Pergamino from the hulling machines is used to help fuel the mechanical driers.  The reuse of waste products helps save on energy & time.  Order your Brazil Fazenda Palmital coffee now & let us know your thoughts in our reviews section.
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