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Brazil Peaberry Coffee

Brazil Peaberry Coffee

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Brazil Peaberry Coffee

The Brazil peaberry coffee has a chocolaty, nutty taste & is creamy when brewed into a cup of coffee.  This Arabica coffee has an SCA score of 82.

It originates from the world's largest coffee producer, Brazil.  For over 150 years they've held that proud title.  A third of the world's coffee production comes from this South American country.

Our Peaberry coffee beans are harvested in the Cabo Verde district of Minas Gerais.  Since the establishment, of the farm in the 1920s, it has been handed down the generations.  The farm now employs up to 36 families & provides seasonal work for over 150 employees.  Safe to say it's come a long way since its humble beginnings.

Peaberry's are a result of a natural mutation or a defect inside a coffee cherry.  It occurs when one of the two ovules fails to pollinate.  The end result is extra space for the single developing seed.  In that extra space a larger, rounder seed is formed.  This is the peaberry.

The Brazil Peaberry Coffee is a beautiful coffee when lightly roasted & brewed.
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