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Colombia Sugar Cane Decaf Coffee

Colombia Sugar Cane Decaf Coffee

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 Colombia Sugar Cane Decaf Coffee 

The Colombia Sugar Cane Decaf Coffee has a sweet taste to it with a minimum of 97% caffeine removed. These coffee beans are decaffeinated using the ethyl acetate (EA) method. The EA process has a much lower carbon footprint than other decaffeination processes.

The coffee is grown in the Huila region of Colombia where the farming is carried out by local families. These local families take great pride in their crops to ensure the end user gets the best quality coffee.

The EA decaf method involves sugar cane being used (hence the name.) Sugar cane is accessible in Colombia and in this method, it is mixed with water to create natural ethanol. Once this is mixed with acetic acid it forms the EA. The EA is then used to remove the caffeine from the green coffee beans which have been steam treated prior to this.

This method doesn't involve high temperatures or high pressures. Due to this fact it is able to retain much of its original flavour & sweetness.

The Colombia sugar cane decaf coffee is great in light roast & brewed in a drip method.
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