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Colombian CO2 Decaf Coffee

Colombian CO2 Decaf Coffee

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Colombian CO2 Decaf Coffee

Thanks to Kurt Zosel we have Colombian CO2 decaf coffee. The CO2 decaffeination process is similar to the sparkling water decaffeination method. It was developed by Kurt Zosel of the Max Planck Institute only recently.  In this process, liquid CO2 (carbon dioxide) is used instead of chemical solvents. 

Now we'll explain how the caffeine is removed. The green coffee beans are soaked and then placed in a container known as an extraction vessel. Now the beans are ready for their natural decaffeination. The vessel is then sealed. Liquid CO2 is forced into the container at pressures of 1000 pounds per square inch extracting the caffeine molecules.

A very efficient way of extracting caffeine molecules and leaving you with caffeine-free coffee. There you have it, ladies & gentlemen. The CO2 decaffeination process that gives you Colombian CO2 decaf coffee.
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