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Ethiopia Djimmah Coffee

Ethiopia Djimmah Coffee

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Ethiopia Djimmah Coffee

The Ethiopian Djimmah Coffee is a gorgeous coffee with a rich taste. Grown in Djimmah only a stone's throw away from the home of the first coffee bean at an altitude of 1300m-1800m. Known for being a strong-tasting coffee even in medium roast, it has a fruity flavour with notes of dark cocoa.

Like all Ethiopian-origin coffees, this single-origin Arabica coffee bean is high-quality. This Ethiopian coffee is naturally sun-dried. The most popular beverage made with this coffee is mocha coffee. In fact, many places list the coffee as 'Ethiopian mocha Djimmah'. Whether your preference is dark roast or light roast you are sure to taste the complex flavours.

Use the coffee to make a mocha or try it using the drip method, it tastes amazing whichever way you decide to have it. Why not leave us a review on how you found the Ethiopian Djimmah Coffee below?
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