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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee

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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee

The Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee is one of Ethiopia's best speciality coffees around.  It has a flavour profile that can be described as sweet and fruity.  The coffee bean has an intense, aromatic smell reminiscent of berries and floral notes.  This coffee boasts an SCA score of 86 making int very high quality coffee!  That makes it one of the highest quality coffees we have to offer.  Legend has it that Kaldi the goat herder discovered the first coffee grown in the 9th century.  The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee is grown in the same coffee region to this day. He made the discovery when his goats would act wild after consuming coffee cherries.

The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee is grown around the tiny town of Yirgacheffe which is located in Southern Ethiopia.  This coffee is a washed coffee.  Washed coffee is coffee that has had its cherry removed from the bean before the bean itself is dried.  This high-quality, single-origin coffee is among the best of the wet-processed coffees available.

The benefit of this process is that the unripened beans will float & be discarded whereas the ripened ones will sink & be used.  The result is that only the highest quality coffee beans are then packed & shipped out.

Ethiopia is home to where some of the best coffees grow & we take pride in being able to provide you with its coffees.  All our coffee is fresh to order.  Freshly roasted & sent to your doorstep we know you'll love this unique bag of coffee.  Get your order of Ethiopia Yirgaheffe coffee in now!
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