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Honduras SHG Coffee

Honduras SHG Coffee

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Honduras SHG Coffee

The Honduras SHG coffee is a washed coffee. This Central American coffee has flavour notes of being herbal, nutty, toffee & chocolate tasting. SHG (Strictly High Grown) coffee is high-quality coffee. It means that this coffee was grown at a higher altitude and lower temperature. This combination gives the coffee a fruity taste & a denser bean. This makes it a highly demanded speciality coffee.

In the past neighbouring country, Guatemala took most of the coffee business. The reason was that Guatemala had & still has a reputation for high-quality coffee. As a result, Honduran coffee growers trafficked their coffee beans to Guatemala where they would sell for a higher price. Once the government put a tax on coffee exports Honduras dramatically improved its quality control.

Now, demand has increased and selling coffee across the border has become unnecessary. The Honduran government are on a mission to improve its coffee quality. Thankfully, laws have been passed giving fiscal incentives in favour of coffee producers. Since then highways have been built making it easier to access remote coffee-growing regions.

The Honduran SHG coffee is best brewed when freshly roasted with the drip method.
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