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India AA Gulehind Estate Premium Origin Coffee

India AA Gulehind Estate Premium Origin Coffee

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Mr Muneer Ahmed, the father of Mr Mahatab Ahmed, the present owner, purchased
this estate of 80 acres in 1972 before later extending it to 130 acres. There is a
large pond to help with irrigation and they maintain their own nursery too.
Coffee is always picked in three rounds. Pickers (mainly women), collect around
50kg of cherries per day split between two bags that they carry one for red
ones and one for green ones to help maintain separation from the beginning.
Usually, there would be around 65 pickers on the farm during harvest, all
experienced, though the teams and areas they pick are rotated. Cherry is
immediately taken for pulping and cleaning, resting overnight briefly before being
laid out on the drying patios under the sun.

Chandragiri is a variety developed by the Central Coffee Research Institute in
nearby Chickmagalur town as a cross between Villa Sarchi and HDT. Selection
6 is an arabica hybrid between S274 (Robusta) and the Kent line of Arabica, with
robusta-like branches but arabica-like cupping quality. Catuvai is a frequently
occurring varietal in India.


Origin: Indonesia

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1200m

Harvest: Jun-Dec

Flavour notes: Bitter, Dark Chocolate, Tobacco

SCA score: 76

Varietal: Typica


How we recommend: Espresson & Dark Roast

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