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India Monsoon Malabar Coffee

India Monsoon Malabar Coffee

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India Monsoon Malabar Coffee

This India Monsoon Malabar coffee is packed full of flavour! It's dark and rich with a slightly smokey aroma.  These coffee beans contain flavour notes of chocolate, tobacco & walnut!

This coffee undergoes the Monsooning process.  The monsooning process is where the coffee beans are exposed to damp and humid monsoon conditions.  The moisture-laden monsoon winds make the beans absorb moisture.
This then causes the coffee beans to swell to twice their original size & go a golden colour.  The monsoon months are June through September.  During these months the Arabica coffee undergoes raking and turning at regular intervals.  All the while it absorbs moisture from the warm air.

Legend has it that the India Monsoon Malabar coffee beans were in fact created by mistake.  It happened in southern India during the sixteenth century when the coffee was exposed to monsoon winds & rain.  They were being stored in coastal units, shipping ports and being shipped from India to Europe during the monsoon season.

Since the sixteenth century, the monsooning process has been streamlined.  The Monsoon Malabar coffee now undergoes strict quality control as opposed to the original method.  The new processing method is similar and it starts with the grading of the Arabica Coffee Cherry.  It is then exposed to the warm and moist Indian Monsoon winds in ventilated warehouses on the Malabar coast.

The India Monsoon Malabar coffee is great as a dark roast coffee & tastes superb as espresso!
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