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Italian Blend - Very Strong Coffee Blend

Italian Blend - Very Strong Coffee Blend

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Italian Blend - Very Strong Coffee Blend

This Italian Blend made up of very strong coffee beans made us one of the most reputable coffee brands out there.  It's one of our more affordable, darker roasts, with high caffeine levels.  This dark roast blend of Arabica and Robusta coffees is reminiscent of old-school Italian espresso blends.  Those of you strong-tasting coffee lovers with espresso machines need to give this one a try.

Robust coffee in terms of flavour and also contains high amounts of caffeine.  Once you've got your ground coffee we offer ideas on how to serve it.  You can find brewing methods to choose from below. 

This highly caffeinated coffee tastes smokey, earthy, and woody.  This dark roast coffee blend is for strong coffee lovers.  For some, it will feel burnt or over-roasted, for others, it will taste like a perfectly brewed coffee!  Safe to say its definitely stronger than your regular coffee. 

There aren't many coffee options out there that make an exceptional cup of coffee.  If you prefer light roast or medium roast type of coffee beans there are plenty of other types of coffee to choose from.  These very strong coffee beans are robust and highly caffeinated.
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Brewing Ideas

Looking for ideas on how best to brew your chosen coffee? Don't worry weve got a few ideas HERE