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Jaffa Cake Coffee

Jaffa Cake Coffee

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Jaffa Cake Coffee

The Jaffa Cake Coffee. 100% Arabica coffee infused with Jaffa Cake flavour has a great taste. This tangy orange, medium-roasted coffee has a natural flavour. It may sound too good to be true but that's all done with no chemicals used in the process.

Its sweet sponge taste comes guilt-free as this coffee is low in calories and sugar-free. At home, our Jaffa cake coffee jar is full to the brim with the biggest pack of jaffa cakes next to it. This flavoured coffee has the biggest boldest most delicious tastes you can imagine. It's like cake in a coffee only without the calories & sugar.

This is perfect without any extra sweetener being added to it however you can add a milk of your choice.  We can send it to you as beans or coarse/fine ground coffee. As soon as you order your Jaffa cake flavour coffee we start roasting and send it out to you within 3 working days.

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