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Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

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Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

One of the most prestigious coffees in the world is the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.  This special coffee is grown in the highest mountains of Jamaica. The map shows Kingston to the south and Port Antonio to the north.

These coffee beans are smooth, fruity and vibrant. The coffee you need when you are entertaining guests. A very creamy mouthfeel with a cocoa finish. 100% Pure Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee beans from Stoneleigh estate farm. 100% Arabica.

Grade I (Highest Possible Grading.) It is the only coffee grown in its region which, as I'm sure you've guessed by now, is Jamaica's blue mountain region. The mountain range that hosts the growing region in the blue mountains of Jamaica has an altitude of 1800m.

When served as a cup of coffee its flavour is described as being creamy, and floral as well as having a taste of caramel. Our recommendation is that when ordering you order in a medium roast which is ideal for coffee. We advise you to consume the freshly roasted ground coffee within 2 weeks of opening. We hope you enjoy your Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee & if you need us to we can send it as ground coffee.
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