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Kenya Peaberry Coffee Bean

Kenya Peaberry Coffee Bean

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Kenya Peaberry Coffee

Kenyan Peaberry Coffee also known as Kenyan Peaberry Zawadi Coffee originates from Kenya.  Zawadi in the language 'Kiswahili' actually translates to the word 'gift' in English. This Zawadi consists of carefully selected peaberries from the local coffee factories. The result leaves you with the perfect coffee cherry-shaped peaberry bean. 

Harvested between October-February this Kenyan coffee is grown at an altitude of 1400m-1600m. Only fresh water from the Gikira river is used for processing.

The flavour of this coffee is chocolaty and sweet with the taste of berry/raisin and a hint of tangy acidity to it too.  It has an SCA score of 84 and its Varietal is SL28.  We recommend Kenya Peaberry Coffee in light roast and use the drip coffee method when brewing.
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