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MC decaf coffee

MC decaf coffee

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MC Decaf Coffee

Mc Decaf coffee is just decaffeinated coffee beans & ours are the best in the UK coffee industry! There are a few different methods for decaffeinating coffee beans. Swiss water is one of them another being the mc decaffeination processing method.

Caffeine is naturally occurring in coffee beans as it is present in the plants they grow on. Caffeine provides a mildly stimulating effect. However, some people enjoy the beverage without said effects. For example, some enjoy an evening coffee but also want to sleep the same night. This would make decaf coffee the perfect beverage for them.

"MC" Decaf comes from the name Methylene Chloride. Methylene Chloride is a solvent that's used to separate the caffeine from the coffee beans. This is known as the MC decaffeination process.

This process involves the coffee beans first being soaked to soften them. Then there is the direct method which is soaking the coffee beans in MC solution and the resulting solution is siphoned off. This takes the caffeine with it leaving the raw beans with a very low caffeine level (minimum 0.1%.)

There is then the indirect method. This is where the beans are soaked in water and the solution that this produces is drained out. In an attempt to ensure that the flavours don't go with the water, the water is then treated with MC to absorb the caffeine. The water still containing the oils with the flavour is now ready to be re-absorbed by the raw beans.

The process is usually processed numerous times until as much caffeine is gone as possible. The European legislation states that the residual caffeine content must be at or below 0.1% to be classed as decaf.

So if you like an evening coffee but still value your sleep order your MC Decaf coffee now!
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