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Papua New Guinea Elimbari Coffee

Papua New Guinea Elimbari Coffee

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Papua New Guinea Elimbari Coffee

The Papua New Guinea Elembai coffee has a slight cherry scent to it with flavours of fruitiness. PNG coffees are known for producing quite a full-bodied acidic, winey, flavour profile. These impressive coffee beans have an SCA score of 84 & are grown at an altitude of 1600m high above sea level.

PNG (Papua New Guinea) produces a range of coffees that are smallholder and estate grown. Smallholder farmers usually own a small plot of land with enough to grow coffee. They're located around the Chauve district in the Highlands province of Chimbu.

The capital of the Eastern Highlands is Goroka which acts as access in & out of the district. The Highlands are a chain of mountain ranges. The Bismarck range is where the coffee-growing slopes that produce the cherry for Elimbari are.

Grown on a small scale it is quite a special coffee as it's rare to find it at your local supermarket. Some PNG coffee growers produce as little as 30kg per year.

After the coffee is grown & picked it's then pulped and dry fermented for 24 hours in wooden boxes. They are then washed and dried on stretched tarpaulin drying beds.

Coffee production is still carried out by the natives using machinery from the British Colonial times. The cherry selection process isn't the best when comparing it to others. That's why over ten years ago the Elimbari project was founded by Kongo Coffee's owner, Jerry Kapka.

Kongo Coffee's project allows local producers to bring their green coffee to the renovated dry mill belonging to Kongo and swap it for cash. The coffee is then inspected and sorted into either Y grade (Low-Grade coffee) or Elimbari. Elimbari meets the special quality requirements.

So if you want to try out some rare coffee you won't find anywhere else try out our Papua New Guinea Elembai coffee.
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