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Brazil Santos Coffee

Brazil Santos Coffee

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Brazil Santos Coffee

The Brazil Santos Coffee is an oily coffee and has a mocha flavour to it which gives it a superb grind. It produces excellent crema when slowly extracted for an espresso shot. These Brazilian coffee beans also have an SCA score of 78.  The perfect coffee on its own & just as nice as a blended coffee.

With an altitude of 1100m, the region is geographically perfect for coffee growing.  For over 150 years Brazil has provided the world coffee making it the worlds largest coffee producer. This coffee is one example of its many specialty coffees. Brazilian Santos coffee is one of the most well-known coffees globally and produces a smooth mild flavour.

This grade of arabica coffee is grown near the port of Santos & is hand-picked & dry processed.  This method involved removing the beans from the cherries once they're dried. The sweetness of this high-quality coffee means it's a great coffee to be used in blends.

We receive our speciality coffees as green coffee so we're happy to provide it in any roast you desire. We've found this full bodied coffee is best used in dark roast coffee. We love it in espresso blends, especially when fresh roasted.
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