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Coffee 101: Understanding the Different Types of Blends

A coffee blend is a combination of two or more types of coffee beans that are roasted, ground, and brewed together to create a unique flavor profile. The purpose of creating a blend is to achieve a certain flavor profile that cannot be achieved with a single type of bean.  If you're looking to try out some new coffee blends, be sure to check out our collection of hand-crafted coffee blends, available now on our website.  Click here to browse and order your favorite sounding blends!

There are several different types of coffee blends, including:

  1. Single origin: These blends consist of beans from a single location, often with a specific flavor profile in mind. These blends are often used to showcase the unique flavors of a particular region or farm.

  2. House blend: These blends are created by coffee roasters and are meant to be a consistent, all-purpose coffee that can be used in any situation. House blends are often a combination of beans from different regions and are designed to be balanced and easy to drink.

  3. Flavored blends: These blends are created by adding flavoring agents, such as chocolate or vanilla, to the beans before roasting. These blends are popular for their unique and often sweet flavors.

  4. Espresso blends: These blends are specifically designed for use in espresso drinks and are typically a combination of beans with different flavor profiles. The goal of an espresso blend is to create a well-balanced, full-bodied flavor that pairs well with milk.

Coffee blends can be created by coffee roasters or by individual coffee drinkers who want to experiment with different flavor combinations. No matter what type of blend you choose, the goal is to create a unique and enjoyable coffee experience.  If you like the sound of coffee blends & want to try some out don't forget to click here to browse and order your favorite sounding blends!

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