FAQ's - The Coffee Connect

How long will my delivery take?

Your delivery will take up to 3 days after your orders been processed & will be delivered by Yodel.


How should I store my coffee?

We recommend you store your coffee in the packaging provided to you when delivered and if you order your coffee in bean form we recommend you store your order in your freezer to maintain the high quality and freshness of your order and take out whatever you wish to use each time and NOT to store in your fridge due to moisture and the food within the fridge which can affect the quality of the coffee.


What if I'm not here when my parcel arrives?

Our orders are sent via Yodel and if no one is present to collect the order at the address provided then it will be re routed to your local  sorting office for you to collect at a more suitable time.


I have a missing/incorrect item in my order?

We work hard to ensure all our orders go out on time and that there are no mistakes with the orders, however if there is such an occurrence then please contact our email address (info@thecoffeeconnect.co.uk) and we'll get back to you straight away and sort it out.